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About us

   About us

Company Name      "AV-Exim"
Legal form Private enterprise
Representative Ms. Zoya Vlaskova, General Manager
Mr. Andrey Voyevodin, CEO
Head Office 18/14 Shchuseva Street, Kiev
Foundation April 2004
Number of Employees 8
Business Activities - Manufacturing and sales of graphite parts for electrial furnace hotzones as per requested drawings
- Manufacturing and sales of carbon-carbon composite products
- General purchase management of low-cost and high-quality products for industrial-oriented companies
- PV products sales
- Polysilicon, mono- and multisilicon products trading
Lines of Business - Graphite and carbon-carbon composite products
- Textiles
- Cutting instrument
- Retail materials for PV industry


AV-exim was founded in Kiev, capital of Ukraine, in April 2004 as real estate operator.

During first year of our existence we preformed several projects in Kiev, including business-center construction in historical part of Kiev, several modern habitant buildings and some other projects.
In the end of 2005 our company decided to enlarge business significantly. We invited team of specialists in international business and nowadays main priority of our activities changed from real estate business to international trade.
Now our activities are in several markets and the same in these markets is that they are purposed for industrial use.
We are working at next markets:
- solar energy
- metallurgical
- semiconductor
- do-it-yourself products
- power mashines

"AV-exim" provides supplies for several companies in Western Europe, purchasing material in different countries of the world. However, main purchase market is our native Ukrainian, which can provide high quality products with low cost.

We can help you with different materials and equipment, starting from coarse calico, wheel barrows, hand trolleys till solar energy products.

Anyway, we don't stop our real estate business and working over several projects. We are ready to help you to find good parcel of land in Kiev, perform architectural project and complete all abovementioned with modern or old-fashioned building. Our experience let us perform even very difficult tasks.

We are ready for cooperation with companies from different parts of the world.

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